On a Roll – Catching Ferals….

At first I thought maybe, just maybe Tiger 1’s acceptance of me was just a drug induced lack of concern for his own safety and maybe the next day he would be bouncing off the walls of his crate and hissing and growling like a very feral kitty. Thankfully, this didn’t happen. In fact he was even more attentive to me than he was the first day. By the way, the photo of Tiger 1 was taken by me of my hubby rocking the baby (Tiger 1).

My excitement is not to be contained and I am ready to catch the other 4 kittens and their mother and take them all to the clinic, socialize the kittens and adopt them out, and release the mother back to our yard so we can return to normal.

As soon as dusk arrived, I reset the traps and waited. It didn’t take long before the trap caught another cat! I could hardly believe my luck. It was an adult so, of course I assumed it must be the mother cat. I ran out with a towel and quickly covered the trap and brought her to the porch. I went back into the house and waited.

As darkness set, I realized that I didn’t want to scare them away by walking out to the traps every fifteen minutes so I took a tiny flashlight and shined it from my door out toward the traps. I could see tiny double greenish pinpoints of light moving around the vicinity of the traps and understood that these were reflections of the light in the eyes of the kittens. So, I checked with the flashlight every so often until I noticed that one set of reflections seemed to be where I placed one of the three traps. I could have caught yet another cat!!!!

I went to the trap and sure enough…..I caught another kitten. Yahoooooooooo

That would mean one more trip and possibly having the source of this whole debacle (Mommy cat) fixed!

I was ready for my next morning run down to the clinic!