Feral No More – Tiger 1

When I arrived home with the lone kitten, I realized I hadn’t planned exactly what I would do with him. I gathered some fresh towels and put the small crate next to my regular seat on the couch. Then I tried to figure out how to get a bit of food and some fresh water into the crate without letting the little guy out.

Imagine a one and a half pound feral kitten and a 108 pound dog, who still questioned the wisdom of my recent feral fetish, running loose in an over-furnished, and cluttered house. That would be a catastrophe!

The new little kitten seemed fairly drowsy, either because of the surgery or maybe it was his regular nap time. So, I moved my hands very slowly when I placed a teaspoon of soft kitten food and a plastic snack container of water into the crate. So far, so good. He didn’t seem overly timid or afraid. At least he didn’t bother to growl or hiss at me. He just watched me.

The kitten became curious about the food and ate what I gave him. This emboldened me and I decided to try to touch his fur with my finger, which he allowed. This was followed by soft, slow petting on his back and to my amazement, he began to purr.  After several minutes of petting, I got up and walked away. The kitten watched me and moved closer to the side of the crate, as if for a better look at where I was going.

When I came back, I decided I would –  VERY carefully –  try to pick him up. I lifted him ever so gently and brought him out of the crate. Much to my amazement, this kitten loved to be held and petted. He purred and rolled over in my arms seeming to want a belly rub, and it was ON for me. I was in LOVE!

Tiger 1 was a quick success. Just what I needed to become addicted to this feral cat project I began a few short weeks earlier! I found a new passion with that one tiny kitten who was feral no more!

Tiger 1 – Feral No More