Let’s Catch a Kitty – First Catch and Trip to Clinic

I was all set up, at this point and feeling pretty good about it. I’d been feeding the lot of them in and around the traps twice a day, for a week or more. They were allowing me to get pretty close to them while they ate. The clinic would be open in the morning. So, here goes. The first time I would set all the traps and hope to catch as many as I could the first evening.

It sure didn’t take too long. The first little white kitten went right in and was caught within a couple of minutes of my walking away from the trap. I grabbed a towel and covered the trap and brought the kitten to the porch.

I favored this kitten. She had the markings of a Siamese cat and beautiful light azure eyes. Amazing kitten. She was the smallest of the litter and I was happy she would be on the porch, covered and out of the chilly night air.

Baby White – prior to capture.

A little while later, a Tiger kitten wandered into a trap. Caught! I repeated the trap covering and placed this one next to the other and lifted the covering between the traps so they could see each other and hopefully be some comfort. I did feel bad that they would be separated from their mother and litter mates, but it was for the best.

I brought them to the clinic and completed the paperwork. Name? I never thought of naming them. My lack of imagination came up with Baby White, and Tiger 1. And I would like them micro-chipped and tested for FELV/FIV.

So, I was told, I could pick them up from 7:30 am until 8 am the next morning. I gave my daytime phone number to the clinic and headed for work.

I received a call from the clinic around noon. There was a problem with Baby White. She had an umbilical abscess that involved most of her organs, at least the ones I could list… spleen, bladder, intestines…. If they tried to fix it, she might have some trouble later in her life with her bladder, if they didn’t try to fix it, the abscess might break and kill her at any time.

Of course, I wanted them to try to do what they could for her.

Did I want her to have some extra pain medication?

Uhmmmmm, Yeah!

They told me they would call me after the surgery was over and let me know what happened.

About an hour later, they called me. She made it through surgery. Tiger 1 also is in recovery and, if I would like I could go get them that afternoon before 4 pm. Yeah!!!!!

I left work about 3 pm, the clinic only takes cash and there was a little bit of a balance. I stopped at the local cash machine. Then headed down the road for a 20 minute ride to the clinic. About five minutes into the trip, my phone rang again… this time the clinic had some sad news…. Baby White passed away in recovery. They asked if I wanted them to open her again. I said if they thought they could learn something, they should go ahead, but they need not do that for me. I also told them, I didn’t think I could see her and I asked if they could handle disposal of the body. They said they could.

It was a sad ride down to the clinic, but I did have one kitten to bring home! A little male who was a bit groggy for the ride home.

Tiger 1 resting in his new little safe spot.