Kitten Rodeo Part 1 – Lessons Learned

I had an “a-ha” moment when the kitten I caught went flying past me and right out the door. First, doesn’t matter how tiny they are, these are some powerful animals. Second, I will definitely need more traps – one trap to catch 5 kittens and a mom is just not enough. Third, I needed to rethink what to do with these critters after I bring them back home from the spay/neuter clinic.

My first realization about the power contained in such a tiny spring-loaded body instilled a bit of fear that I might not be up to the task of socializing these kittens. I’ve already admitted how little experience I have with kittens, and cats in general. I have no clue how old these little ones are…. But darn they seem so tiny! (How to tell the age of a kitten – Petfinder )

My second realization about the traps meant that I would need to either rent some traps or buy some traps. In spite of my Social Media contacts, I haven’t heard back from the rescue that would loan me some traps, so that left either renting or buying. During a phone call with the clinic, I was told the clinic would sell me a trap for $60 and buy it back, when I no longer needed it, for $50. The local county  domestic animal services fees for trap rentals for cats is $75 and $10 per day for late fees- per trap.

Because I do not know how many traps I will need, how long it will take to trap this family, or how different the traps available from these place are from the trap I already own, I decided to purchase two more traps from Lowes.

Lowes had several of the same model Havahart trap in stock, so I bought two of them. This time I took them outside and opened one box and set the trap up, taking a close look at the pin and the trigger plate. I experimented placing the pin in different locations to see exactly where it needed to be placed for the correct cable tension to the trigger. – I found it! Success!


That only left me wondering how I would house them all once they were fixed. A more experienced rescue person asked me if I had a dog crate. Have you looked at the price of large dog crates lately??? They cost close to $100 or more at any pet store and I can’t wait for shipping if I buy one online. I looked for one on our local freecycle group and had no luck there. Luckily, my hubby is an experienced yard-sale shopper. ♥ He managed to score 1 small multi-door dog crate, 1 pet carrier for $12 during his first day out. Then he bought a large multi-door dog crate for $20. That’s more like it.

I felt like we were completely prepared for this adventure now.