Kitten Rodeo – Part 1

Dear Havahart,

I recently bought one of your Large Collapsible Easy Set® Traps. It is model #1092. I chose this trap because your website says that it’s “Ideal for first time trappers” and “…the smoothed interior edges protect it [the trapped animal] from harm.” I’ve read the instructions. I even downloaded the pdf with instructions. However, nowhere does it explain exactly how to place the pin through the trap plate such that there is adequate tension on the cable to the door trigger.

A first-time trapper.

In case you can’t tell from the above fanaticized letter to the company, I am confused and a bit baffled about why I haven’t found this information. I even emailed an experienced trapper who couldn’t tell me why the trigger plate wouldn’t trigger the trap. I didn’t know if the kittens were too small or there was something wrong with the trap that I bought, but I suspected I was doing something wrong.

It was Sunday evening and I was ready to catch my first cat or kitten(s). I wasn’t about to let this all get in my way. I invented my own solution. I tied a bit of chord around the lever used to set the trap. I made the chord long enough that I could stand a few feet away to wait for the animal to get inside the trap, at which time I would tug on the chord and spring the trap.


I baited and set my trap. I stepped behind a low branch to screen myself from their view and I waited. Very soon, two hungry kittens walked right in, I tugged and wham! They were caught. I quickly put the towel over the trap and carried it to my screened in porch.

Quite naively, I had set up a child’s play pen to house the little cuties for the night. Not my fault…. at the time I didn’t know kittens could fly! So, when I opened the trap, one little kitten hopped around and vaulted off the box I put in there for a night time shelter/snuggle spot and flew over my shoulder, bounced off a wall or two, and scampered out the door.

There was nothing I could do, except turn the other little one loose near its family and hope the flying kitty made its way back to the rest of the litter and mom. I knew then it was time to rethink this plan.