What now?

I doubt cats can be owned, I’ve never owned one. I’ve had them come visit for a while and then move on to wherever they go just about the time I begin to get attached to them. Then I found myself with a crazy cat lady starter kit in my back yard and not a clue what to do.

I did have one tool that anyone can use. The Internet with its vast array of articles and social media. The first action I took was contacting the local Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program.  I read all the information then sent them an email. They responded quickly, but not with information I wanted to hear. They are out of money and will not be taking any more cats until January.

I planned to catch all five kittens and their mother, but not until I had a concrete plan of what to do once I caught them. Meanwhile, my Internet research would give me some time to get them accustomed to my presence. Each morning and evening I took food out to them and each day, I searched phrases like, “feral kittens” “taming feral kittens” “feral colony” “TNR” until I felt I knew enough to be successful at working with these little ones. It was over a week before I came up with an action plan, after all, the closest I’ve been to kittens in more years than I care to admit, is the photos on the Cute Overload website.

Here is a list of some good information I’ve found: