A very feral day.

I was just about to let my huge dog run outside for a little while when I saw five tiny faces peaking through the fence in our back yard. To me this was a complicated moment. I saw five innocent little creatures who, except for their mother, were unloved, uncared for, and in constant environmental danger. I also felt protective of my dog.

My Dog Sama Drsah

I am an avid dog-lover. I resented the abundance of feral cats in our neighborhood ever since my dog was old enough to run loose in our fenced-in yard. You see, there’s a danger for dogs exposed to feral cat feces. The diet of most uncared for feral cats is very high in protein, much too high for a young puppy. The second danger is the ferals do not recieve veteranary care and are not dewormed.

The day I saw those little faces was the day I decided I could continue to complain, or I could plan to do something about this situation. This blog is a record of my catventure.

I fed the five hungry little kittens.