Monthly Archive: November, 2012

Black Again

Success! I spent a lot – a lot of time with Coal. I moved his cage into my tiny bathroom after I took everything out of the bathroom. I was able to take… Continue reading

Litter Disaster!

With our litter chosen and all kittens comfortably settled in crates, it was time to set the traps again. We were still trying to catch the mother and the last little kitten. I… Continue reading

Cat Toys and Kitty Litter

We found another large dog crate at a yard sale. We felt we were in pretty good shape with crates. With the new kitten coming home from the clinic, we put him in… Continue reading

Clinic Rules and What is Feral?

After the problems we’ve had with the small crate, we decided that we needed another large crate to house the larger kitten. There’s no way I want to put a kitten who can’t… Continue reading

Before a cat wi…

Before a cat will condescend To treat you as a trusted friend, Some little token of esteem Is needed, like a dish of cream. ~T.S. Eliot

A Quick Visual Guide to Determining the Age of a Kitten

When I first began this catventure, I wondered how old the kittens were. I have not been around cats very much – I’ve always gravitated toward dogs. So I began searching for “how… Continue reading

Indoor Kitten Roundup

I’m afraid that the day before’s rodeo set the little feral kitten back. This kitten wasn’t as young as Tippy and his main vocalization is a growl. After losing the battle when he… Continue reading

Yet Another Kitten Rodeo – and lesson learned!

Picture if you will, my living room. It’s a very cramped place with not a bare spot along the wall. Now add two dining room chairs facing each other and place a small… Continue reading

Another Cat Blog…

I am looking at a few other blogs with postings about rescued cats and kittens and finding like-minded souls. I found the following post charming and I think you might, too.  Cativersary. It’s… Continue reading

Vanishing Act

Sorry about the vanishing act. It was a misunderstanding. My post about the opossum triggered a WordPress automated spam control that I believe happened when I linked back to the site the opossum… Continue reading